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Graylands Cat Clinic was established 2023 with the desire to create a high-quality service for cats and their caregivers in the Horsham area. Our independent practice was specifically designed for cats and their individual needs. We prioritise a comprehensive approach that considers our patient’s emotional and behavioural well-being. We aim to create a friendly and sustainable working environment, where all team members are trained in feline-specific areas of veterinary medicine. Our goal is to build a cat community and promote feline welfare.

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Graylands Cat Clinic is dedicated to providing the best standard of care for feline patients in a stress-free environment, driven by an understanding of their unique needs as a species.


Exceptional care for your cat

We provide exceptional care for your beloved cat throughout their entire life. Our wide range of services is designed to keep your feline friend healthy, happy, and thriving.

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We want to minimise stress for cats visiting our clinic so we are an International Society of Feline Medicine Cat Friendly Clinic. This is our promise to you:

• We are gentle and caring with cats

• We understand the needs of cats

• We have cat friendly facilities


Graylands Health Plan

We are excited to introduce you to our preventative healthcare plans which have been tailored to meet your cat’s age and lifestyle. Our goal is to make quality healthcare more accessible and affordable for your furry friend whilst keeping your cat as happy and healthy as possible.

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