At Graylands Cat Clinic, we are eagerly awaiting our opening, and we can’t wait to serve you and your cat with the highest standard of care. Stay tuned for updates on our official launch date!

We prioritize preventive measures to ensure your cat’s well-being. Our services include vaccinations, neutering, anti-parasitic treatments, thorough health checks and much more. By staying proactive, we can catch any potential health issues early on and provide prompt treatment.

Equipped with advanced technology, our clinic offers comprehensive diagnostic services. From ultrasounds to X-rays, we have the tools to accurately assess your cat’s condition. Additionally, our in-house laboratory is fully equipped to perform necessary tests promptly and efficiently.

Dental disease is a prevalent condition among cats. We provide a comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment. This includes an oral exam, dental radiographs and tooth extraction where needed, all conducted under general anaesthesia. With our modern equipment, we strive to provide top-notch service whilst making it as safe as possible for our patients.

In times of illness or injury, you can rely on our skilled team to provide the highest level of care. We offer extended consultations, ensuring that we have ample time to discuss your cat’s condition and create a tailored treatment plan. Our hospital ward is cat-friendly, is equipped to accommodate your cat’s needs during their recovery, and we provide surgical and dental treatments when necessary.

To enhance the quality of care we provide for your cat, we offer an extensive nurse clinic service. Our trained nurses available to assist you with any queries you may have, whether they pertain to the behaviour, health of your cat or specific concerns regarding an illness. They will provide guidance and support, helping you make informed decisions about your cat’s well-being.

To ensure that your cat has access to the most advanced and specialized care, we have partnered with visiting specialists who will perform advanced procedures at our clinic. These specialists bring their expertise in specific areas of feline medicine, enabling us to offer cutting-edge treatments and procedures to address complex health conditions.

We understand that saying goodbye to a beloved feline companion is never easy. During this difficult time, we are here to support both you and your cat. Our compassionate team will provide guidance and comfort, ensuring a peaceful and dignified farewell.

Price list

At Graylands Cat Clinic we believe in providing high-quality services at affordable prices. We offer many types of surgical and non-surgical services, so please contact us if your cat requires something not listed below.  

Standard Consultation (20 mins) £59.00

Extended Consultation (40 mins) £70.00

2nd Opinion Consultation £85.00

Standard Consultation (20 mins) £25.00 

Extended Consultation (30 mins) £35.00 

Nail Clip £15.00 

Conscious Dematt (per 15 mins) £15.00 

Vaccination – Booster  £70.00
What’s included: 20-minute vet consultation, health check and vaccine

Vaccination – Primary Course £95.00
What’s included:
At the time of the 1st dose: 20-minute vet consultation, health check and 1st dose of the vaccine
At the time of the 2nd dose (3-4 weeks after the 1st dose): 20-minute nurse consultation and 2nd dose of the vaccine

2nd Vaccination (if 1st given elsewhere) £70.00
What’s included: 20-minute vet consultation, health check and vaccine

Rabies Vaccination £82.00
What’s included: 20-minute vet consultation, health check and rabies vaccine

Spay (female) £150.00 

Castrate (male) £105.00 

All of the above includes general anaesthetic, surgery, pain relief and post-op checks 

Euthanasia £150.00 

Euthanasia and Communal Cremation (no ashes returned) £170.00 

Euthanasia and Individual Cremation (ashes returned) starting from £224  

Microchip £20  

Written Prescription £19.20 

All stated prices are subject to change and added on 5th September 2023.

More accurate estimates will be given during consultations and at the time of admission for surgeries and/or hospitalisation.

If your pet is insured or you have a voucher from a charity, please make us aware of this prior to commencing treatment.